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Me and the M o o n

.. the ramblings of a cut up angel

24 January
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2gether, 3 doors down, 40 foot echo, aerosmith, afi, alien ant farm, all-american rejects, anberlin, aragorn and eowyn, ashton kutcher, audioboxer, boxcar racer, brand new, coldplay, conan o'brien, creed, daniel clark, daniel radcliffe, dashboard confessional, dawson's creek, degrassi, degrassi-boards, degrassi: the next generation, destination: beautiful, disturbed, dvds, eagle eye cherry, evanescence, fall out boy, family, feeling loved, finch, five for fighting, five iron frenzy, foo fighters, friends, further seems forever, goo goo dolls, green day, hanson, harry potter, hawthorne heights, hobbits, hoobastank, jake epstein, joshua jackson, konstantine, late nights, leaving through a window, letters to cleo, lifehouse, limp bizkit, linkin park, lord of the rings, lostprophets, mae, maroon 5, matchbook romance, matchbox 20, me and the moon, meredith monroe, metallica, mind the gap, music, my chemical romance, new found glory, nirvana, north, old metallica, orlando bloom, outsmarting simon, pacey and andie, phantom planet, queen, queens of the stoneage, red hot chili peppers, road rules, ron/hermione, rooney, rupert grint, senses fail, simple plan, ska, sleeping, smile empty soul, something corporate, soundgarden, straylight run, sugarcult, sunrises, sunsets, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the academy is, the ataris, the beatles, the clash, the darkness, the everglow, the hives, the juliana theory, the o.c., the sex pistols, the starting line, the used, the vines, the white stripes, thrice, tom felton, train, trapt, trust company, unwritten law, yellowcard